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Videos of August at ASI

August 2016

We have been working hard here at ASI.  Here’s some videos of what we have been doing. Free State High Starting Running Back   Tire Flips: Developing Usable Strength for the Football Field Full Squats for Increased Lower Body Strength & Power    

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Tire Flips – Strongman, Powerlifting, and CrossFit

June 2016

The Tire Flip – probably one of the most recognizable movements when it comes to CrossFit and strongman events. However, it is one movement that is consistently performed incorrectly by most athletes and strength coaches. Technique is the most important aspect of the tire flip. Let’s begin by looking at the movement itself. The tire…

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Single Arm Row – Elbow Out – High Pulley

April 2016

The Single Arm Row – Elbow Out – High Pulley is an excellent exercise for developing strength in the scapular and shoulder stabilizers. If there is a strength discrepancy between these muscle groups, it can lead to altered shoulder function and poor shoulder stability. Setting up the exercise properly is the most important part of this…

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