Frequently Asked Questions

Athletic Strength Institute bridges the gap between exercise science research and the practical application of that knowledge. After all, there is more to preparing an athlete for competition than bench presses, squats, and hang cleans. While these lifts can improve performance when used properly they are often overused.

We structure an athlete’s training program into sequential phases with each phase emphasizing a different component of performance with the ultimate goal of developing the highest levels of speed, strength, power, agility, and endurance possible at the time of competition and/or start of the season – a concept known as periodization.

Many coaches and trainers simply mimic the programs of the most successful college or professional teams without considering the age, physical, developmental, or genetic differences between their players and athletes competing at the highest levels of competition. As an example, a high school freshman football player should not be training like a senior in college who is about to be drafted, or a guy who has already been playing in the NFL for 4 years.

We individualize each athlete’s training program to fit their needs, goals, skill level, genetics, and the physical demands of their sport. The best strength & performance training programs are those that are individualized to the athlete.