Restaurants in Olathe, KS

Places to eat in Olathe.

This is our Olathe, Kansas edition of where to eat. This list is by no means inclusive or exclusive, this is just a quick compilation of some of our favs in the area. Some of the places we really like, we are saving. We gotta keep something for ourselves right ? ¬†ūüėČ

1) Fronteras Mexican Restaurant

Fronteras located in Olathe, KS this place has been around for quite awhile. Be forewarned though, if you visit their website it has music playing really loudly and its difficult to turn off.
That being said, here a review about their restaurant in:
“The food selection he provides is completely initial, he counts on numerous fantastic splendid meals as well as sauces– every one of them a secret dish of Salvador. Fronteras Mexican Dining establishment has actually gotten acknowledgment from the Guv of the State of Kansas. “as the most effective of the very best” (released at the Kansas City Celebrity)*, along with the American neighborhood, which is a faithful customers, which tempted by the exceptional Recipes as well as company that are provided everyday, check out this location regardless of the lengthy lines that they need to go from prior to enjoying the recipes. Salvador De La Torre claimed, “Without the assistance of my family members, I would certainly’ve never ever had the ability to attain anything. Sometimes I really felt every little thing collapsing down, yet my partner as well as my children provided me the toughness to carry on.

They constantly saw me, “Do not surrender, we could function as well as if all of it boils down we could take place. Simply do not surrender.” De la Torre is gladly wed to Bertha Cortez and also is papa of Salvador, Nicolas & doubles Elsa as well as Alia, that strive together with their moms and dads in this family members company. The only everything left to claim is exactly what’s left in the hearts of that little edge whose name is “Turitzio,” where individuals are birthed with established objectives and also determination like Salvador De La Torre. This is just a tiny presentation that in Turitzio, Michoac√°n, there is timber to reduce from. Congratulations on the success of this effective family members.

2) SPIN Pizza 

We were really resistant to the whole “artisan pizza” movement but we eventually came around on SPIN pizza. Plus, this one of the rare selections on our list that is a healthy place to eat. It can be an acquired taste, so if you don’t dig it when you first try it, give it another chance…trust us….you’ll be glad you did. ¬†The custom ordering option is pretty cool. You can get essentially anything you want on your pizza.

Here is what they have to say about themselves:
“Come on over, make on your own at house as well as attack right into a hand-spun, made-with-love, completely covered pizza that genuine talks to your spirit. Benvenuto! And also grazie!

It does not take lengthy to see why SPIN! is so unique. We have actually developed each SPIN! to be your go-to area restaurant for drinking, consuming as well as dangling.

Whether you’re visiting for a fast lunch or pressing tables with each other for a supper hangout with your team, this is your SPIN!.

Your web server will certainly bring your drinks right over, as well as your food will not be much behind. It’s rather darn fast to the table right here at SPIN!, yet the moment as well as treatment we take producing each component, crafting each crust, as well as cooking YOUR pizza mirrors our satisfaction in our food and also thankfulness for your business. As well as the need making you and also your loved ones truly, actually delighted.”

3) Jumpin Catfish

We have 2 suggestions for eating at Jumpin Catfish.
1) Double up on your cholesterol medicine
2) Don’t tell your doctor you plan on eating there.
This is not healthy for you. This is deep fried and its bad for you. We think this is why it tastes so stinking good. This is deep south, deep fried and deep flavor. ¬†We only go here once in a blue moon, but its totally worth it. Here’s what they have ¬†to say about their place:
“Jumpin Catfish serves only grain-fed and farm raised fish. This method is much better than the typical channel cat. Channel cats are typically scavengers that will eat literally anything that comes across the muddy river bottoms where they live. Doesn’t sound too tasty does it? ¬†Our fish our different. They are raised specifically for flavor and consumption. ¬†Catfish has become increasing popular as of late for the benefits that fish oil provide. Its low calorie, low in bad cholestrol and tastes great. ”


4) Smash Burger

Yeah its a chain, but its a chain that does it well. This is a great hamburger. Read that sentence again.  They are one of the few places in the metro area that has a true gluten free option that taste good.  Here is what they have to say about their restaurant:

“In 2007 we opened up the initial Smashburger with one straightforward idea in mind: in spite of the frustrating number of dining establishments offering hamburgers, Americans were depriving for something nicer. Our shattered hamburgers are constantly custom-made, never ever iced up, wrecked as well as burnt to excellence on our grill.

Our goal is to place hamburgers back right into individuals’s lives. When they have a hamburger, we desire to alter the method individuals assume regarding hamburgers and also the means they really feel. We desire Smashburger to be an every event hamburger dining establishment that individuals could call their very own.


Well, there you have it, our recommendations.  We hope you find this useful and we invite you to explore on your own. Send us a message if you find a special, untapped place you think we should add to the list