Strength Camp Group Training

Our Strength Camps are 6-week small-group training sessions performed in a high-energy environment. These camps are for anyone wanting to develop a powerful, strong, and lean body. This is not recess for adults. The workouts in our Strength Camps can be difficult – but the results are worth the effort!

We pay very close attention to exercise form and workout structure – we don’t just throw a series of exercises together and call it a “workout”. These sessions are closely coached and capped at 8 participants. Strength Camps are perfect for our clients with a specific health goal or target date. Need to look good on the beach for your upcoming vacation? Strength Camp is perfect for that!

Depending on the package you opt for, you will train 1-3 times per week. While training is done in a group format, we can ensure you’re training at a pace that is appropriate for you.

Following appropriate and sustainable nutrition practices is key to achieving a strong and lean body. At the beginning of our Strength Camps we provide you with resources that provide general nutrition guidelines based on achieving a leaner and stronger body.

We’ll also hold a series of nutrition talks once a month where we’ll cover basic nutrition and lifestyle practices as well as Q & A sessions at the end of each one.

Progress Photos
The unique distribution of your body fat isn’t random but part of the complex interaction between genetics, hormones, lifestyle, and environment. At the start of our Strength Camps we’ll take photos to establish a baseline.

We then take follow-up photos at the end of every 6-weeks to ensure you are accountable and on track to the results you want.

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