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12 Things I Learned from Stephane Cazeault at KILO Strength Society

December 2016

By Chris Dellasega, MS, CSCS We recently had the opportunity to go and work directly with Stephane Cazeault at his KILO Strength Society facility. Here is what we learned: 1)  Structural Balance: Once someone has achieved structural balance, remedial shoulder exercises can be removed from programming for the next 12-weeks. However, some athletes will need continuous exposure to…

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Are You Eating Right for Your Body Type?

March 2016

William H. Sheldon, PhD, MD, developed the term “somatotype” – which refers to someone’s body type – in the 1940s. Many nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and doctors use the concept of body types to design effective training and nutrition programs for both fat loss, and to improve athletic performance. A person’s body type generally describes their body…

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