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12 Things I Learned from Stephane Cazeault at KILO Strength Society

December 2016

By Chris Dellasega, MS, CSCS We recently had the opportunity to go and work directly with Stephane Cazeault at his KILO Strength Society facility. Here is what we learned: 1)  Structural Balance: Once someone has achieved structural balance, remedial shoulder exercises can be removed from programming for the next 12-weeks. However, some athletes will need continuous exposure to…

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Neck Training to Prevent Concussions

July 2016

Strengthen the Neck to Reduce Incidences & Severity of Concussions By Chris Dellasega, MS The National Football League (NFL).  It’s the most popular, visible and widely followed sport in the United States, second only to soccer on a global scale. If you’ve been paying attention to the news feeds over the last few months, you’ve…

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What’s going on at ASI ?

June 2016

Congratulations to ASI athletes Alan Clothier who’s heading to Appalachia State to wrestle and Anthony Harvey, Jr. who’s heading to Newman University to play basketball. The trick to eating more veggies is to cook in bulk and season and prepare them in such a way that you don’t mind eating them. These are roasted brussel…

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Strongman Training for Athletes

March 2016

Strongman training is about developing true functional strength – strength that directly transfers to the field or court, improves performance, and enhances traditional strength-training programs. Strongman training is about lifting heavy, awkward objects and developing strength and endurance you never thought possible. The body moves in three distinct planes of motion: the sagittal plane, which…

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