Cassie Campbell

free state high athleteMy daughters are competitive swimmers and we were looking for trainers that understood their sport. We found it at Athletic Strength Institute! The trainers took the girls from their starting point of limited dryland and strength training to very specific training that has improved their confidence in and out of the water. They talked with both Cierra and Claire to understand their goals and designed a program that best suited them. It was the perfect springboard for Cierra as she headed off to a college swim program. Claire has continued to develop under their guidance. I cannot say enough about the care and knowledge that ASI provides for their clients!

Claire Campbell

high school athlete kansas cityI started with ASI about a 1 ½ years ago. I had never worked with a trainer before but I wanted to learn the proper way to lift to avoid injury and start getting stronger for my swimming. From the first session I started learning, not only did the trainers teach me about what my body could do but they also taught me about what to put into my body to make it work at its most optimum. I have always been a slight build but now there is a strength to my frame. It has definitely helped my swimming by making me less injury prone, stronger in workouts, and helping with my recovery through nutrition. I am happy with my progress and look forward to getting even better as I head into my senior year of High School

Tommy Gebhardt

"After growing up playing sports with little regard to muscle mass or proper form, my body was taking a beating. I hadn't played a full year without a significant injury since 2010, and had just found out that I needed hip surgery at 22 years old. I knew that if I was to continue to be able to play the sports that I love, I needed to take better care of my body, so I came to Chris and the staff at ASI in the summer of 2016. They used research based methodologies to improve my structural balance and strengthen my hip before surgery, and have worked with me after surgery to get me back on the field. They have worked with me to strengthen my shoulders, hips, core and legs to reduce the chance for injury in the future. Because of the work they have done, I was declared fit for play only 3 months after surgery, and was able to return to the field faster and stronger than I had been when I got injured."

Heather Fielding

Thanks to Chris, and the staff at ASI, I have come into my own as an athlete. Within several months of regular training and proper diet I noticed changes in my body and in my abilities in my sport. I became leaner, faster, stronger, more agile, and more confident. I am so thankful to Chris for helping me stay healthy and strong while in-season and off-season, and I highly recommend him and his gym to anyone looking to increase their athletic and competitive edge. What's unique about ASI is their dedication to each client they work with. Each trainer is informed on the latest techniques and understands the research and methodology behind each exercise they teach. They also take a whole body approach and understand that an athlete needs to eat well, train well, and rest well. Having an in-house chiropractor and body-work therapist is necessary when your clients are athletes looking to stay healthy and get stronger. The entire team at ASI is fantastic, and the effort they put in as a team to training each client is unparalleled in Lawrence.”

Kristen Krug

“We feel so fortunate to have found ASI. Chris and his staff do a fabulous job of working with our teenage daughter athletes. It is so important to expose young athletes to the value of preventing an injury versus just rehabbing an injury. Our daughters enjoy the challenging sessions and most importantly the interactions they have with all of the trainers. Thank you Coach Chris, Hanna, and Jordan”

Karen Dean

crossfit lawrence kansas“I was thrilled when Chris Dellasega asked me if I would be interested in writing a testimonial about him and his team at ASI. Seven months after our daughter had major spine surgery for scoliosis, we went to see Chris about her uneven back muscles. The muscles were over-built on one side to support the curvatures in her spine from the scoliosis so after the surgery the muscles on each side were not even and still creating issues with her physique. We explained our needs and her limitations from the surgery and Chris modified her workouts to accommodate this. Chris and Hannah have helped get our daughter’s back muscles proportional and strengthen her in other areas to aide her in her continued improvement in competitive swimming.We put our trust in Chris to provide a safe and productive environment for our daughter to grow and develop and he delivered. We also really appreciate the positive and engaged attitude of everyone at ASI and plan to have both of our children working with ASI to continue strengthening them for their sports.”

Carlos Vasquez Jr.

“I am a baseball player just going into High School in the fall of 2017. I've been working with Athletic Strength Institute (ASI) for close to one year now and I have seen great results in that time. Chris and his staff are passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm they bring to every session. They have done an outstanding job of tailoring a baseball specific program for me, which has helped deliver overall body strength, and throwing arm health. I have also seen my throwing arm become stronger this past season. Overall I have gotten faster, and more powerful which is exactly what I was looking for. Their easygoing, friendly personalities create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Each workout is challenging, and fun. They also place a high value on correct form with each exercise. I will continue to work out at ASI. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level I recommend the Athletic Strength Institute without hesitation.”

Josh Holland

“My experience at ASI has been excellent. Here’s why:- Personalized training plan with highly effective sessions that aren’t too long. This is important to me as a dad with a busy family and work life. - The plans start with working the supporting muscles before getting to the large muscle groups, which keeps you safe and prevents injury. In the past, working out on my own, I would regularly tweak muscles and nerves in my back and shoulders. This problem has become almost non-existent. - The sessions are challenging but fun, and easy to schedule with an app, which has kept me working out consistently for over a year now (a challenge in the past). - The staff is well educated; I’m always learning new things. - You get tangible results!”

Cody Siemiatkowski

"This sounds like a T.V. ad, but I had been trying to lose weight for years, but between school, and my own sweet tooth, it never happened. The team at ASI provided me with the education I needed to make nutritional choices, the mentorship I needed to face the gym, and above all, the support I needed to see that fitness was not an unattainable goal. I checked out many other options in Lawrence, but ASI won me over with their attention to their clients and really good student discount."

Steve Brown

“Started training at the Athletic Strength Institute about 6months ago. Had not worked out for several years, I was in generally decent shape, but a little overweight. Right away I felt very comfortable with Chris’ approach. He talked through my needs and expectations, then formulated a steadily progressive plan. Now, 6 months later……………..I feel great, stronger, fitter, more agile and in better shape all around. I would recommend Chris’ gym and training approach to friends. I enjoy the sessions and greatly feel the benefit.”