Athletic Strength Institute is equipped with a variety of traditional and specialized strength training equipment. We are equipped to train any athlete from any sport at any level of competition.

Regardless of the sport or activity there are certain areas of the body that are especially prone to injury, such as the knee, hip, low back, and shoulder. Therefore, our equipment was specifically chosen after careful consideration and consultation with some of the best strength coaches and therapists in the industry.

Our Facility





Our facility was designed to optimize traditional strength & power training, which provides the foundation for increased speed & agility development. ASI has a turfed area devoted entirely to functional strength training (pushing & dragging sleds, lifting & carrying objects, etc.) and speed & agility development.

We also integrate soft tissue therapy into our training approach to ensure the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves are all working properly, which further optimizes the effectiveness of our training programs. As such, ASI also has an in-house soft-tissue therapist and a private treatment room.

Because we expect our clients to work up a sweat we also have a full-size shower available to all of our athletes. We’ll even provide the towels.