Our team has experience preparing athletes for the highest levels of athletic competition: collegiate athletes, NFL Combine, Olympic level cycling. Following a specific training regimen is universally recognized as a critical part of athletic success, and we aim to make it part of your success as well.

ASI combines a professional training environment with progressive strength training methods that have been proven at every level of competition. Chris holds level 2 Certifications from the Poliquin Performance Institute in both performance and BioSignature.

 We prioritize:

·      Addressing physical imbalances ·      Restoring proper movement
·      Correcting physical limitations ·      Improving flexibility
·      Strengthening weak muscles ·      Maximizing strength and power

When properly implemented, traditional strength and power exercises result in improved performance and increase your ability to handle the physical demands of your sport or lifestyle activities. Our approach ensures continued improvements in performance and long-term athletic success.


Nutrition and training should always be viewed as one entity, never separately. Proper nutrition is a critical factor for anyone who wants to maximize their performance by ensuring they’re getting enough nutrients for recovery and to fuel their performance. Chris is also a Precision Nutrition (Level 1) certified coach.

By implementing a comprehensive nutrition and training system that is built on consistent communication between you and your coach, we can appropriately adjust your nutrition program based on your needs and physical demands. We prepare you to meet your physical demands through intelligently designed training and nutrition progression models that provide continued and sustainable progress. This helps you maximize performance, energy, and recovery.


Athletes – Professional, Collegiate, High School, and Recreational
Whether you are a high school athlete interested in playing at the collegiate level, making the transition from collegiate to pro, or a weekend warrior we can develop a plan that is right for you and your goals. In fact, our NFL Combine Training Program is a position specific, athlete specific program designed specifically to help you excel at the combine workouts.

First Responders – Fire, Police, and EMTs
For first responders physical fitness is not a luxury – it is a necessity. Our first responder programs are centered around improving “usable strength” – strength that is useable in the line of duty – while also implementing injury prevention strategies for the shoulder, lower back, and feet.

The Hardcore and Dedicated
You do not have to be an athlete or first-responder to train at ASI. You do, however, have to be willing to give 100%, every rep, of every set, and follow our advice. If you have tried CrossFit in the past or are currently working out at box in the area, we have the level of intensity and environment you’ll thrive in without the higher risk of injury that comes with some CrossFit protocols.