Cupping and the Olympics

Olympic swimmer
It’s that time of year where the pageantry and excitement of the Olympics grabs hold of us for a few weeks. At the Athletic Strength Institute we have been watching quite a few of the events in Rio.  We have been paying particular attention to men’s swimming and the amazing accomplishments of Michael Phelps.

If you looked closely, you’ll notice that Micheal Phelps has been decorating himself with more than just Olympic Gold. He has appeared several times with noticeable, circular bruises on his skin.  These come from an ancient Eastern Medicine practice called cupping or cupping therapy that increases local blood flow bringing nutrients & oxygen to the area

Cupping therapy is something we use as part of our recovery protocol at our facility and is something we invite you to try for yourself.
Make an appointment with us to see what cupping can do for you and your recovery program. Below is an actual photo of the cups we use.

Cupping Benefits and Cupping Therapy


– No side effects (like western pharmaceutical drugs)
– Reduce Pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments & Joints
– Tremendously increases local blood flow, oxygen & nutrients to the tissue
– Negative pressure allows for deep tissue releases & improved ROM
– Boost Immune function
– Promotes relaxation & decrease stress
– Helps treat respiratory issues & Colds
– Improves Digestion
– Reduce hypertension, headaches & migraines
– Detoxification

Athletes primarily use for:

– Breaking up scar tissue, muscular adhesions & fascial restrictions
– Increases performance
– Reduce stiffness & muscle cramps
– Speeds up recovery time
– Neuralgia

Hopefully this offers some insight into the bruises some of our athletes are donning this Olympic Season.
As always, stay strong.