Customized Training Programs
The training program we develop for you is specific to your goals and needs. We develop the training program around your goals, the equipment you have access to (you must have access to a fully equipped gym), and on how many days per week you can train.
Better Value for Your Money
One of the biggest struggles we hear from athletes is that they don’t know what to do when they go to the gym. We can eliminate the guesswork for you so you know exactly what to do every time you step foot in the gym. If you fully commit to the program and follow our advice exactly we almost certainly guarantee results.
Location Independent
If you have access to a fully equipped we can provide a program that is specific to you while considering the equipment you have access to.
Dietary Recall
When we begin working with a new online personal training client, we start by doing a 3-day dietary recall to get a better understanding of your dietary habits so we can begin making positive changes that are specific to how you eat.

What We Expect of You
We Can’t Do the Hard Work for You

We can’t do the hard work for you: you’ll have to be the one who pushes yourself hard in the gym. But what we can do is take the guesswork out of your training and make sure your program is individualized to you and designed to meet your goals.

Optimizing the effectiveness of your program requires consistent dedication. Training needs to be an “all the time thing”; not just when it’s convenient. If you can’t commit to at least two days per week of consistent training, our program is not right for you.

We can’t guarantee results because so much depends on your execution of the training program. But we can guarantee that you’ll receive a first class service that will provide you the tools necessary to perform your best.

Our Goal is to Get the Best Results Possible
In the Shortest Amount of Time




Six Monthly Payments of $250/Month

4-Month Commitment

4 Training Programs

Email Communication

30-Minute Monthly Call

Programs via Train Heroic





Eight Monthly Payments of $225/Month

8-Month Commitment

8 Training Programs

Email Communication

30-Minute Monthly Call

Programs via Train Heroic





Twelve Monthly Payments of $200/Month

12-Month Commitment

12 Training Programs

Email Communication

30-Minute Monthly Call

Programs via Train Heroic


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