Our training process begins with a series of strength and flexibility evaluations to identify an athlete’s weaknesses, flexibility limitations, and faulty movement patterns. These physical imbalances limit performance and are frequently the cause of injury.

Identifying an athlete’s imbalances indicates what areas of the body the athlete’s training needs to initially focus on. The initial phase of an athlete’s training program focuses largely on developing single-limb strength and flexibility.

This approach ensures an athlete’s strength and flexibility match between limbs and from back to front – a balanced athlete will perform better and is safer from injury. Developing single-limb strength and flexibility provides the footing from which a solid base of performance can then be built. We also consider the demands of their sport/profession, areas of the body that experience the highest levels of “wear and tear”, their skill level, and goals.

An athlete cannot improve all aspects of performance – strength, power, endurance, etc. – simultaneously to a high level. Therefore, subsequent training programs are subdivided into phases – each emphasizing a different component of performance with the ultimate goal of developing the highest levels of strength, speed, power, agility, and endurance possible.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to anyone’s training.  If you are interested in a different approach to training, check out our other services.

1-on-1 training includes:

  • Evaluation of the athlete’s injury and health history
  • A series of strength and flexibility assessments
  • Customized training programs based on the results of the strength and flexibility assessments
  • On-going body-fat & bodyweight measurements
  • Customized nutrition programs based on the results of the body-fat & bodyweight assessments
  • Continuous nutritional coaching

An athlete’s training frequency depends on the results of their strength and flexibility evaluations, their goals and skill level, and competitive season.

  • *2x per week
  • *3x per week
  • *4x per week

*Minimum duration is 12 weeks (additional workouts to be performed on the athlete’s own may also be provided at no additional charge).

All sessions are paid at the first of the month and unused sessions expire at the end of each week. Sessions must be canceled 24-hours in advance to avoid being charged.