Sports Performance Training

We specialize in training athletes at all levels of competition – high school to professional – that want to improve their performance by increasing their strength, power, and agility. Additionally, we include training strategies into your program to prevent sports-related injuries.

When you work with our certified trainers and sports scientists at the Athletic Strength Institute, you will benefit from a training program that is specific to you and your sport.

The ASI training philosophy emphasizes identifying and correcting muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns to develop strength, power, and speed. We provide a fun training environment where athletes can learn and consistently improve over time.

What Does the Athlete Need?

A needs analysis is the process of analyzing the physical demands of a sport and the physical profile of the athlete. Doing an in-depth needs analysis allows us to identify what physical qualities are most important for an athlete to perform well in their sport.

We perform a needs analysis prior to designing your training program. This analysis provides important information on the demands of the sport, the current profile of the athlete, and what the athlete needs to be successful in their sport. We use these variables to help us create an appropriate and effective training program.

Training Programs Designed by a Professional

Each athlete is thoroughly assessed before they begin training. With experience and advanced knowledge of how the body’s  different joints work, we can evaluate how each athlete moves and customize a training program aimed at correcting weaknesses. These muscular weaknesses are often what limits performance and increases the risk of injury.

We identify each athlete’s imbalances (weaknesses) and use a variety of training methods to get you strong, powerful, and resilient.