Law Enforcement, Fire and First Responder Fitness

First Responder, EMS, Fire, and Law Enforcement Fitness Training Courses


Quality first responder physical fitness training is vital to your success. Too often, firefighters, police officers, EMTs, military personnel, and others in tactical careers are led astray in their training. In these professions physical preparedness is not a luxury, but a requirement critical to job function.

Athletic Strength Institute’s tactical strength and conditioning training is built on practical research-based methods that integrate exercise science, nutrition coaching, and soft-tissue therapy. Our tactical programs are designed for performance on the job.

Fitness Attributes of Tactical Athletes

• High relative strength
• High work capacity for short/intense events
• Power for fast, explosive movements
• Speed for short to moderate distance sprints
• Upper body power, mass, and strength for suspect handling and intimidation
• Grip Strength
• Durability for a long career

Our Programming for Tactical Athletes:

Our programming for tactical athletes focuses on training that transfers to enhanced performance on the job. For tactical athletes, it does not always matter how much you bench press or squat when restraining a suspect, lifting a patient, or dragging a hose line.

Strength is the foundation of athletic performance and our programs focus on getting you stronger. We emphasize full body strength training with heavy traditional barbell and dumbbell exercises in conjunction with strongman lifts to thoroughly develop the tactical athlete’s “chassis” – legs, hips, and core.

In addition to full body strength, we also use numerous corrective and remedial exercises to reinforce the areas of the body where injuries are most likely to occur in tactical athletes – the shoulders, hips, and especially the lower back. This preventative approach increases the tactical athlete’s durability by addressing potential injuries before they become an issue.

We understand the responsibility of physical readiness and develop programs accordingly. Our training programs change approximately every four weeks to keep training challenging and avoid staleness and boredom. Our programs also have built-in “de-load” recovery weeks to protect the athlete.

Whether you are a firefighter, police officer, EMT, military personnel, or in another tactical career we can develop a training program that is challenging, protects you from injury, and keeps you on the job. Let us help with your tactical strength and conditioning training.

Law Enforcement Specific Training:

As a law enforcement officers being in peak physical shape is not only necessary for your job performance, in some cases, it is now a criteria used in the employment process. In the law enforcement field, your health is as vital to your performance as your patrol car is. We ensure your fitness is as polished and squared away as all of your other equipment.

How Do We Do This?

We frequently hear the officers we work with complain about low back pain, hip and pelvis discomfort, and foot pain. As an officer, the physical demands of wearing your duty belt and vest, compounded by long hours sitting in your patrol car, can wreak havoc on your body. We have identified the causes of these complaints and designed a program specifically to address these concerns. We’ll teach you strength, balance, and flexibility movements that will target the areas that typically cause discomfort or weakness. A strong core is vital to injury prevention, reduction of pain, and career longevity

And as an added bonus, we change up your course programming every 4 weeks. We do this to not only keep you physically ready, but also allow you to stay focused and not get burned out.

EMS/EMT/Paramedic Specific Training:

Working in the field of EMS, we know it’s easy to develop some bad habits when it comes to patient handling and moving equipment. As the old saying goes, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”. Unfortunately, this also applies to EMS workers at times. We recognize, that like law enforcement officers, you are often faced with long periods of sitting and we know how that can negatively affect your body and ultimately your on-the-job performance.

How is our EMS Training Different?

Our EMS/EMT training is specifically geared for the unique challenges of your job. Our program will make you stronger, increase your endurance, improve your grip strength, and help you perform at your highest level under stressful conditions. In addition to improving your job-related tasks, if your department requires you to pass a physical fitness test or Physical Ability Test (PAT), we’ll make sure you pass it with flying colors.

Fire Rescue and Firefighter Specific Training:

We know that there is a wealth of information and training programs available on the internet. Maybe you choose to work out on your own or even joined a Crossfit gym. Nearly 25% of all injuries occur as a result of improper training. We believe there is a better way – training so you don’t get injured.

The physical demands of the equipment a fire rescue/firefighter is required to carry are reason enough to keep yourself in the best shape possible. But it goes deeper than just training. We have developed a course specifically for your line of work. We’ll help you ace your Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT). We’ll help you recover faster after particularly challenging days and most importantly, you’ll feel better both on the job and off duty. We proudly train several members of the Lawrence Fire Department and have experience preparing people for the CPAT.
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