Semi-private training allows athletes to train in small groups of 3 at specified times. This training option is ideal for those who are self-motivated, enjoy training in a group setting, and need less personal instruction. The semi-private training option is a great way to train at a fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 training.

Semi-private training includes:

  • Evaluation of the athlete’s injury and health history
  • A series of strength and flexibility assessments
  • Customized training programs based on the results of the strength and flexibility assessments
  • On-going body-fat & bodyweight measurements
  • Customized nutrition programs based on the results of the body-fat & bodyweight assessments
  • Continuous nutritional coaching

Semi-private training is limited to 3 athletes per group with a 3:1 athlete to coach ratio.

Each athlete’s training program and nutritional guidelines are adjusted every 4-weeks to ensure continual progress.

Semi-private training options include:

  • *2x per week
  • *3x per week
  • *4x per week
  • *5x per week

If you would like a more customized approach to your training, check out the full list of our services.

*Minimum duration is 12 weeks (additional workouts to be performed on the athlete’s own may also be provided at no additional charge).

*All sessions are to be paid at the first of the month and unused sessions expire at the end of each week. Sessions must be canceled 24-hours in advance to avoid being charged.