Strongman training is about developing true functional strength – strength that’s directly transferable to the field or court.

Multidirectional sports require force production in multiple planes of motion simultaneously, such as running, twisting, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking, pushing, and pulling.

Strongman training is beneficial for athletes because it also requires synchronized force production and stabilization in different planes of motion, which closely resembles how many team sports are played.

Additionally, strongman training is a great conditioning tool. Programmed appropriately, it can train the energy system(s) that are predominant to a position, sport, or event itself.

Mid-way through this strongman routine Sam, who’s a fullback (American football) said, “this routine has me feeling like I do in a 2-minute offense”.

Since Sam’s training goal is hypertrophy, using strongman training as a conditioning tool applies similar physiologic demands to the body as his strength work.

Because the demands strongman training places on the body are similar to that of strength training, they enhance each other, creating a synergistic effect.