Transformation Goals:

Caroline first began working with us in the middle of October 2016. She’s 19 years old and her primary goal was/is to lose body fat and lead a healthier overall lifestyle.
We started her on basic nutrition guidelines, such as consuming more protein and more vegetables and fruits. Now, being a college student it was a bit tough when she initially started. However, we worked with her to identify ways to consume more protein and vegetables.

lose weight fast

After trying a few different strategies, we found supplementing her nutrition with smoothies containing a high quality protein powder, baby spinach, frozen berries, and some ground flax/chia seeds was an effective way for her to get the nutrients she needed. We also continue educating her making better overall food choices.

Caroline did travel home for Christmas break and admittedly didn’t make the best food decisions over the holidays. However, we stress, and continue to stress, that perfection isn’t necessary (or even attainable) for success, but consistency is.

We’ve found that a lack of planning and strategies for getting through stressful times and situations is why many people fail in their attempt to lose body fat. So, we’ve also worked with Caroline to develop strategies to stay on track in challenging situations so she can continue to make progress.lean-muscle

Training Regiment:

Caroline’s training has consisted of full-body workouts comprised of compound exercises in order to engage as much muscle mass as possible while also developing a base level of strength. When she first started training with us, some of the exercises we had her perform were new to her. As she continues improving the basics, her workouts have gotten more challenging.
The exercises Caroline has been performing have been done with moderately heavy weights (in relation to her strength levels) for high repetitions to take advantage of the body’s fat burning hormonal response under these circumstances. To further enhance this fat burning hormonal environment, we also keep the amount of rest between sets and between exercises to a minimum.



Like anything in life…if you put in the work…you will obtain the results. Want a beach body?  Want to lose weight?  Need to perform better on the football field?
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