Lawrence High School Football: Trey Moore

Lawrence high school football

Last season when the Lawrence High School Lions faced the Shawnee Mission Northwest Cougars Trey Moore suffered a season ending injury when a hit broke his left scapula.

This past Friday the Lawrence High Lions faced the Cougars in their home-opener and first game of the season. However, the outcome for Trey couldn’t have been any different.

On Friday night Trey rushed for 168 yards and 3 touchdowns and scored another on a 20-yard pass. Congratulations, Trey, on an incredible first game of your senior season.

If you have been paying attention to our YouTube channel, you’ve probably seen some videos of Trey working out at the ASI facility.  The important thing to note about the approach we have taken with Trey is  twofold:

1) Injury Rehabilitation: We have been working with Trey to get him healed, stable and ready to progress to the next level. We believe that no matter what the reason for being in the gym, without a strong foundation you aren’t positioning yourself for future success or injury prevention.

2) Performance: Granted its a small sample size, but if your last performance is the one you are measured by, we’d say Trey is doing VERY well! This is just the beginning of the results we expect to see from Trey. Because he has a strong foundation combined with the other drills and exercises we have developed for him, he is progressing at an incredible rate. He’s able to recover quicker and he’ll stand a better chance to stay healthy and durable all season long. For more on injury prevention, check out these two blog articles.   Preventing Concussions and Structural Balance Assessments.

We’re always excited when one of our clients has success between the white lines. Call us today to see what we can do for you or your athletes.

Stay Strong!