Congratulations to ASI athletes Alan Clothier who’s heading to Appalachia State to wrestle and Anthony Harvey, Jr. who’s heading to Newman University to play basketball.


The trick to eating more veggies is to cook in bulk and season and prepare them in such a way that you don’t mind eating them.

These are roasted brussel sprouts with apricots.

1) Sauté them in a skillet with real butter until well coated and they start to wilt.
2) Roast them in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes at 375°.
3) Remove from the oven and salt and pepper them.
4) Eat up!

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Trey Moore:

If you’re involved in a contact sport neck training is critical. One of the best ways to prevent concussions is to strengthen the neck. A strong neck allows the forces of a blow taken from the head to be better transferred down through the neck and into the torso. Here’s Lawrence High School‘s running back Trey Moore training neck flexion/extension using a head harness and a low-pulley.

Overland Park Gym